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Change the traditional dental clinic management program
to the next level   superior...
with the accessories of the clinical management system JERA Dent



ID card reader

with the program Jera ID Scanner

Price 4,000.-

Product details
- Vertical machine suitable for counter table
- Automatically save card information and ID photos
- Connect via USB cable
- 3 year warranty

The cash drawer opens automatically.

Cash Drawer

Price 5,000.-

Product details
- 4 slots for banknotes
- 8 slots for coins
- High durability
- 1 year warranty

thermal receipt printer

Thermal Receipt Printer

Price 7,000.-

Product details
- Paper width 80 mm. (3 inches)
- Printing speed up to 250 mm/s
- There is an automatic paper cutting system.
- 1 year warranty

drug label printer

with automatic drug label printing program

Price 10,000.-

Product details
- Supports paper widths up to 80 mm. (3 inches).
- Printing speed up to 6.0 inches/sec.
- Print with a resolution of up to 300 DPI.
- 2 year warranty

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