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covering all aspects
of dental clinic

Works anywhere, anytime, on any device.

with features designed for each user group

For Staff

Features for employees

Employee Features

easy history
with an ID card reader

Making history through ID card of JERA Dent Clinic System with built-in medical record program It allows you to build your customer profile many times faster. Reduce the problem of typing errors caused by human error (Human Error).

down every detail
 OPD Online  
Record every patient's treatment in any form, whether drawing, writing or typing. It's easy to do. Encourage your clinic to manage paperless. Reduce paper usage. with electronic documents On the area you can save unlimited on the world-leading cloud. as well as sequencing the treatment by Timeline, reducing the time to search for the patient's treatment information. environmentally friendly help reduce global warming and reduce the cost of purchasing the documents of the clinic as well
all product types
general merchandise
orthodontic course
Online POS system, buy products, cut off the stock automatically. specially designed for dental clinics Support for one-time use  including orthodontic courses that keeps a record of every detail each time the patient comes to use the service and providing medical expenses (DF) and assistant staff all the way to the commission with a report collecting the entry fee of each officer including an advance income from the remaining number of courses of each patient Reduce confusion in counting the number of courses used. can check every step
all forms
Save all your revenue streams for every receipt. Whether paying by cash, wire transfer or credit card. You can choose your preferred payment method. including full payment, deposit and overdue until depositing money at the clinic and come to use the service later with a report that summarizes all payment transactions classified by type of payment You can check every receipt you need. and download the report to use monthly summary to calculate in the form that the clinic needs
before-after photo recording system 
Save before-after treatment photos on the world-leading cloud-based JERA Dent clinic program. with systematic management Find a specific photo or album from the comments and tags. Keep your before and after photos organized and easy to find.  Support for mobile and tablet applications
appointment system
The online appointment system of the JERA Dent Clinic Management program can be connected to the clinic's Google Calendar as well as Send messages to remind customers who forget to make an appointment via SMS and Line Official Account, as well as view the schedule of appointments for doctors. Support for examination room reservations, including having a schedule to reserve the time to use each examination room as well
For Owner
attendance table
for dentists and staff
The online clinic system JERA Dent has a section for recording employee attendance. in order to reduce the problem of making appointments for customers on days when the doctor does not come to the clinic And help employees know who came to serve customers at the clinic today. Supports daily, weekly and monthly repetitions. 

Owner  Features


Features for business owners

The JERA Dent Clinical System has enhanced access security with access to menus, managing individual and group permissions. Employee discount privileges are limited. and access to other branches Reduce the risk of data loss problems Increased confidence in using the clinical management system And it also makes your administration easier to the next level. By authorizing the work of employees through the OTP code sent by the system SMS, increasing the security and flexibility of the business owner's work. Do not have to be at the clinic for approval.
Access restrictions
and approve the work of employees
with SMS OTP
The JERA Dent Dental Clinic Management program combines all important information for business owners on one page. Ready to display the results in graphs, charts, reducing complexity. Show results to be easy to understand. Since the number of customers who use the service From various revenue channels each month, to creating graphs comparing sales and purchases of the desired product. It is ideal for an overview of clinics for busy executives.
End of the era of collecting data and making reports for hours at a time because the JERA Dent system makes it ready for you to use in every aspect, whether it's product sales, stock movements. list of unpaid patients and more than 20 reports
Make stock management easy too.
online warehouse system
JERA Dent has built-in features for managing drug inventory. Every time there is a trade using the service, the system will cut the stock automatically. and can check movement admission - pay out picking Create a purchase order (Purchase Order) and can transfer across branches in case of having more than 1 branch. Supports the lot system that sets the production date / expiration date, along with searching for products that are almost out of stock and products that are about to expire. Eliminate the problem of shortage of stock Make your inventory check work easier.

CRM  Features


Features for CRM systems

analyze every movement
of   your customers
How great would it be if the system you use could screen out customers who haven't been using the service for a long time? Or buy a course and refuse to use it for you?  as well as sending SMS to remind customers to return to use the service Create an image that shows care for customers. and make customers feel special every time they use the service at the clinic as well
membership card system
Say goodbye to carrying your membership card or memorizing boring codes too. digital membership system that can collect points from spending, collecting Top up money of your customers and cut the limit every time customers buy products or use services Points can be redeemed for merchandise or discounts. boost sales Build customer loyalty and deliver that special feeling to your customers. Ready to create a relationship that is unique.
voucher system
Gift Voucher online that whether sold or given away, can be used as a discount or can redeem products, reduce exposure, create an automatic code with an expiration date, send the voucher code to the customer via SMS, can print the voucher through the system or enter the code from the system. in vouchers that you can design boost sales Attract more customers to use the services at the clinic with a report on the usage of the voucher to check every use of the patient's voucher 
Sending a promotion
Running a good promotion is choosing what works best for each customer. Your clinic can be as simple as using JERA Dent online clinic management system that can search for specific customers by various features to send promotional SMS to your customers.
JERA Support
Take care of you like having a full-time IT staff
Update new features
Consulting, teaching how to use
support png.png
After purchasing the program There was a problem with the program page that you cannot fix. Our JERA Dent Clinic program has a JERA Support service that fixes the problem. Consult with your clinic via Line Official Account. You can Remote to solve problems for you 7 days a week. Throughout the service life, respond quickly, respond quickly, pay attention to every assistance.
JERA Support
program update
The JERA Dent system is programmed regularly to provide the best user experience throughout its lifespan. We have updated whether to optimize the use. fix program errors including updating new features for free, no cost throughout the service life to keep the program up-to-date at all times Compatible with new applications that will occur in the future
online training
Online Clinic System JERA Dent has provided online training services. Teaching how to use the program every step from Start the system to teaching staff at the clinic to use the program We train your clinic for free, no cost. unlimited number of times allowing you to use the program effectively and respond to your clinic the most
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