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These terms of service are intended to inform you of the legal rights and obligations between “we” “Lamoon IT Company Limited” as the “service provider” and “you” as the “user”, so please read. Detailed terms of service for the benefit of receiving services from us By agreeing to subscribe to all services provided by the service provider provided through, the user agrees that he has read and thoroughly understood the terms of service. and the user agrees to the terms of service in all respects These conditions are binding on the user according to the law.

1. Definition

“Agreement” means the terms of service, contract
“Parties” means Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. and users who apply for the service.
“Service fee” means the annual service fee that the service user is obliged to pay in the cycle specified in the contract. according to the rate shown in the quotation
“Information” means any information that the service user or the person authorized by the user to act on his behalf has provided to the way. Lamoon IT Co., Ltd.
“Confidential Information” means any information that the parties have given to each other. whether verbally, in writing or electronic data But this does not include any information that has already been released to the public.
“Intellectual Property Rights” means patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, statutory rights, product design rights. whether registered or not
“Services” means the provision of software services for the management of online beauty clinics.
“User in the system” means any other person or company. that is not a service user who is a contractual party with the company Lamoon IT Co., Ltd., but is authorized by the user to access the service on behalf of the user.
“You” means a user who is a contractual party with Lamoon IT Co., Ltd., excluding users in the system.
“We” means Lamoonphan IT Company Limited.
“Website” means

2. Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. will collect your personal information when

  • 2.1 Packages and services are provided as shown on the website.

  • 2.2 The service provided by Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. can be developed or changed at any time in order to comply with the needs of the users and according to the changing situation, and Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change the terms of service. any time It is deemed that changes are effective immediately upon modifications made on the website. Lamoonpan IT Co., Ltd. will do its best to notify all users of such changes via email. or website page It is your responsibility to read and understand the latest terms of service appearing on the website.

  • 2.3 Lamoonpan IT Company Limited grants you the right to use the software service. through the website according to the service package that you have chosen This right is not a right only for you. and cannot be transferred and under these terms of service

  • 2.4 You have the right to assign a person or a third party as a user of the system to manage the system within your clinic. You will be responsible for any actions that users in the system do as if they were your own actions. whether such action is in your perception or not. And if the user's practice in the system causes damage or loss of benefits to you, Lamoon IT Company Limited is not responsible for any.

  • 2.5 You have the absolute right to change. cancel or limit the use of the users in the system as you see fit In the event that a dispute arises between you and the users of the system, Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. will act solely as a party to your request or order.

  • 2.6 Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. reserves the right not to comply with any request or order from a third party, whether it is a user of your chosen system or your authorized representative. that is not a party to the contract with the company, unless it appears that you have given your express consent to Lamoon IT Company Limited in writing

3. Subscription, contract renewal and termination

  • 3.1 Application for service: Application for service can be made by sending a statement to an authorized salesperson of Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. reserves the right to decline any request for service that Not passed the assessment criteria of Lamoon IT Company Limited. Lamoon IT Company Limited is not obliged to disclose such assessment criteria.

  • 3.2 Renewal of contract: The initial period for using the service package of Lamoonpan IT Co., Ltd. is set at Order confirmation only when near the end of the contract Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. will notify the user of the contract renewal before the end of the service period.

  • 3.3 Termination of Agreement: You have the right to terminate the Agreement by sending a request for termination of the Service to  The submission of such request shall be made at any time prior to the termination of the service period with effect on the termination of the contract on the last day of the service period as specified in the said contract. In the event that you wish to terminate the contract with immediate effect (Before the end of the service period) Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. will not refund the service fee you have paid in any case.

4. General duties of using the service

You must keep your User name and Password with care and confidentiality. At your own risk, in the event that the password is used by a third party fraudulently or without permission, Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. will assume that any use of the registered password is unauthorized. It is your act as the contracting party holding the said password. In the event that your User Name and Password is used by an unauthorized third party You are obliged to notify the incident to Lamoon IT Company Limited immediately so that we can take measures to stop and resolve the issue in a timely manner. In this regard, such measures are provided for your assistance only. Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. has no liability to you or others for any defects or consequences of taking such measures. when you apply for the service You are deemed to have given your consent in advance to Lamoon IT Company Limited to take such measures.

5. Assignment of rights

Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. does not allow you to assign rights and duties arising under the contract. to other persons without the written consent of Lamoonpan IT Co., Ltd.

6. Intellectual Property

  • 6.1 Lamoonpan IT Co., Ltd. owns the copyright and intellectual property rights in the displayed information, images and display formats. as shown on all websites unless explicitly stated otherwise. No one is allowed to copy, reproduce, have a backup copy, make a copy, duplicate, modify, add or distribute for any other purpose. Without written consent from Lamoon IT Co., Ltd., unless otherwise specified in the agreement and website conditions

  • 6.2 Information or electronic documents in your user account are your property. However, access to such information or electronic documents must be provided that you have fully paid the annual fee. And you are deemed to have authorized Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. to use, copy, send, store or backup (Backup) data or electronic documents. such for the purpose of providing the services of the Company Lamoonphan IT Co., Ltd.

  • 6.3 Backup and retention of your information is a policy and practice that is extremely important in providing the Company's services. Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. The company has measures to maintain your information according to international standards to prevent data loss or damage. However, the company Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. cannot guarantee that your data will never be lost or damaged in any way. This may occur due to force majeure or due to unforeseen factors. Therefore, you are obligated to backup or copy any data or documents that you wish to submit to the system by yourself in another way. For the maximum benefit of keeping your information, the company Lamoonphan IT Co., Ltd. has no liability whatsoever. in the event of data loss or damage


Although Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. has the intention and endeavors to provide the best service, however, Lamoon IT Co., Ltd. cannot guarantee that your use of the service will be free from defects. (This includes, but is not limited to, stability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, fitness for a particular purpose, security flaws, errors, bugs or viruses. (virus) because it is well known that systems related to the service, whether it is a communication system Computer systems or the Internet are uncertain. may cause interference or hinder you in using our services

*Last edited on October 21, 2021

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